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PRODUK (Perawatan Wajah)

Face Compress Bali Alus
Pure 100 %v organic tea tree and herbal spices, refreshes, improve the skin's elasticity and has anti-aging.

Cooling Down Anti Face Scar (Krim Wajah)
Made from natural ingredients helps to remove acne, eliminate acne scars, flatten and smooth the acne scars, reduce skin irritation, reduce the number of blackheads and whiteheads refine pores and minimize the appearance of pores.

Acne Cleansing Face Bali Alus
Betel Acne Cleansing Face is made from natural ingredients in order to helps removes dirt, excess oil, overcoming and preventing pimple. Skin looks and feels calmed, smooth and comfortable. Natural Phenol which do not cause dry skin.

Peeling Face Bali ALus
Peeling Face made from natural ingredients in order to reduce the number of blackheads and improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and give new life to sun-damaged skin.

Lip Balm Bali Alus
Made from Virgin Coconut Oil and natural material, make your lips bright. An excellent receipt for dull, dry, and chapped lips.

Royal Jelly Aloevera Bali Alus
Made from natural materials which are usable for shrink the pores, tighten, prevent and treat acne.

Face Spray Bali Alus
Made from Rose and betel leaf extracts which usable for sterilize the face before using cosmetics to get durable makeup, refreshes the skin and keep the skin moist.

Face Mask Bali Alus
Made from natural materials to prevent pimple eye strain, giving nutrition for the face skin. Makes your face healthy and softly.

Eye Compress Bali Alus
Made from mineral which is good for overcoming fatigue, eyes strain and irritation. Before using eyes compress, keep it in the refrigerator.

Face Cream
Made of Virgin Coconut oil, Olive oil, seaweed extract and gells Aloevera useful to moisturize the skin as well as nourish the skin.

Sirih Face Soap Transparant Bali Alus (Sabun Wajah)
Bali Alus Soap is Natural soap which made from extract natural materials and usable for nourishing, revitalizing and overcoming pimple on the face.

PRODUK (Perawatan Rambut)

Hair Mask (Masker Rambut) Bali Alus
Sutra hair mask made from milk and natural pearl which usable for smoothing hair and hair treatment. It makes hair as soft as silk. Tis hair mask made from collagen, herbs and ginseng which are usable for your hair problems, such as dry, dandruff and branch hair.

Creambath Hair Spa Bali Alus
Made from delem leaf, waru leaf, nut meg with Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) and aromatherapy which makes your hair smooth, fertile, healthy and easy to arrange.

Hair Dudus Fragrance Bali Alus
Made from betel leaf and betel root which are usable for taking care of the beauty of hair, fertilizing and making it healthy.

Hair Vitamin Bali Alus
Made from natural material, functioned for giving vitamin to your hair for a smoothly hair, improving and repairing the hair problems. Such as dry hair, branch hair and dandruff. Olive Gardenia oil has a plus benefit for fertilizing your hair.

Conditioner Bali Alus
Made from natural materials which are usable for smoothing and softening hair.

Shampoo Bali Alus
Available to all hair type. Made from aroma therapy and VCO (Virgin Coconut Oil) which is usable for cleaning hair and relaxing your mind. For a smooth hair, refinement and fresh all day long.

Produk perawatan Tubuh

Lulur Spa Traditional Bali Alus
Made from natural ingredients removing body dirt and lift dead skin cells on the skin, softening, smoothing and brightening skin. Make the skin more healthy and fresh.

Fruity Body Scrub Bali Alus
Made from natural ingredients helps to provide nutririon and healthy skin.

Hand Wash Bali Alus
Hand wash with betel extracts is an effective to remove bacteria, softens and moistens the hand.

Body Masker Bali Alus
Made from natural products gives nutrients and vitamin, make the skin soft, moist, improve the skin's elasticity, giving an aromatic fresh to the skin and has mind relaxation.

Body Scrub Cream Bali Alus
A traditional scrub from Bali made from natural ingredients helps to remove the dull surface and dead skin cells, has whitening effect, leaving the skin soft, supple, moist and brightening the skin, bring nutients and relaxing the skin.

Body Butter 150 gr Bali Alus
Made from natural ingredients Virgin Coconut Oil and habatussauda help to promote the skin with moisturizes.

Body Bleaching Bali ALus
Bleaching body is made of natural materials which contained many good vitamin. Nice to whitening the skin to look brighter and also make the skin feel more soft. This bleaching cream used after bathing in the morning, noon or night. In order to maximize the results of more serngused at night .

Sabun Sirih Vagina Cair Bali Alus
It contains antiseptic five times stronger than the regular one. To prevent itchiness, unpleasant odor and germs in vagina area.

Soap Set Bali Alus
Natural with deliciously scents of extract that nourishing skin and to make you feel fresh

Foot Massage Detox Bali Alus
The use of Foot Massage Detox regularly helps relieve aches and pains, and it promotes better blood circulation Also. It is beneficial to sweaty feet, sore feet, smelly feet and heel pain and slow the growth of leg hair.

Foot Scrub Detox Bali ALus
Made from natural ingredients to remove stretch mark on heel and softens the skin, removes dead skin cells and micro organism that makes irritation and smell.

Foot Massage Bali Alus
Consist of Aloevera extract, mineral bathsalts, habbatussauda which are usable for removing chaps on the foot, relaxation and make it soft and nice.

Foot Spray Bali Alus
Anti Bakteri, anti jamur dan untuk menghilangkan bau kaki.

Dudus Vagina Bag (Recovery) Bali Alus
Made from the root, extract of betel leaf, leaf intaran, lemon extract that can be used to maintain and care for intimate areas.

Armpit Mask (Masker Ketiak) Bali Alus
Masker which is made from natural and selected materials which usable for whitening and brightening armpit.

Breast Mask (Masker Payudara) Bali Alus
Composed of natural ingredients that are used to enlarge, tighten and prevent cancer.

Body Massage Bali Alus
Body Massage are meant to cleanse, moisturize the body skin and help to revitalize the body, reduce stress and increase blood circulation.

Natural Scrub Soap Bali Alus
Natural scrub soap with natural scent that works to smooth, soften, tighten skin, remove dead skin cells and nourish the skin.

Shower Gel Bali Alus
Bali Alus skin milk shower gel is formulated to soften, whiten, moisturize and nourishes the skin and bring you great bath enjoyment.

Herbal Stone Bali Alus
Made from mixed natural materials stone which is good for overcoming stiff body and cold.

Bath Foam Bali Alus
Bath Foam contain of moisturizer with soft foam which usable for keeping the skin dampness the skin will stay moist and healthy.

Body Butter Sun Protection Bali Alus
Made from natural oil and cream, olive oil with aloe vera gel to protect the skin from free radicals, balances the moisture level and stimulates the skin function.

Hand and Body Lotion Bali Alus
Made from soft moisturizer with no irritation effect. Improve the smoothness and softness of the skin, with aromatherapy brings aromatic and fresh to the skin and relaxing the main.

Scrub Lightening Skin Bali Alus
Apply to use traditional body scrub naturalinggredients which contains extrack lemon, aloevera extract, Virgin Coconut Oil, Olive oil, klebet and aquadest. make the skin light healthy smooth and clean.

Sweety Slim
Contains extract of Centella asiatica, leaves of guava, lime, aloe vera is used to remove unwanted fat and cellulite.

Natural Soap Spa
Made from VCO, olive oil, pure and cammomile extract without additional chemicals. Does not cause irritation and allergy. Safe for use on face and body.

Body Mist Bali Alus
Made from atsiri oil and tropical plant which usable for overcoming body odour and the aroma therapy could stay up to 24 hours

Dark Shadow Bali Alus
Cream brighten or whiten the armpit, groin, and buttocks.

Bath Buddies Bali Alus
Ideal for children and adults alike, these fun flanel Bath Buddies are filled with soap and act as sure comapanions in the bath or shower. refillable too.

Dudus Fragrant Vagina Bali Alus
Made from natural materials, good for preventing gracious cancer, turning white, pruritis, bad scent and makes it deep clean

Sirih Vagina Soap Bali Alus
Transparant soap with white fleck containing Phenol and five times antiseptic stronger than ordinary soap, capable to overcome itch, bad scent, and also nicely for your intimate area.



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